Free, 1-Day Payments with QuickPay+

QuickPay+ by LoadDelivered is one of the industry's fastest ways for carriers to get paid. Qualifying carriers receive free one-day payments in exchange for consistent volume and visibility compliance. No fees, no hassles, just the cash flow you need within 24 hours of submitting paperwork. Click the button below to apply to the program. Applications will be approved on the first business day of the month. 

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Learn About Visibility Compliance

Criteria to Maintain QuickPay+ Status:*

  • 7+ loads hauled for LoadDelivered over the past 30 days 
  • Active visibility integration and/or average of 90% compliance over the past 30 days (preferred vendor is MacroPoint)
  • Clean and complete paperwork submitted with proof of delivery (POD)

*Compliance will be evaluated on the last business day of each month.  

Do you have enough cash in hand to meet expenses and grow your business?

Even the most established trucking companies experience problems with uneven cash flows.  Clients tend to pay net 30 or net 60 terms, which means weeks or months pass before full payment is received. What if you have immediate need for cash to pay debts and bills? And what if that challenge is compounded by market conditions that lower rates?


Start Maintaining a Healthier Cash Flow

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