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Apps for truckers on a roll

Technology is turning the old-school system of trucking goods from Point A to Point B into a sophisticated process that relies on interactive and real-time web capabilities.

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Automation Trends in Transportation

Mobile applications, social media and geo-location systems are just three of the technological advances that are improving automated applications in transportation and driving new solutions, says Robert Nathan, CEO of Load Delivered Logistics.

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On the Innovation Path for Supply Chain Tech

What’s up with apps? Load Delivered Logistics is a technology-enabled third-party logistics firm. Founded in 2008, it has customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small distribution networks. The 3PL just released a new mobile app called “Load Finder.” The app provides compliant carriers with access to all of Load Delivered Logistics’ available shipments 24/7 from anywhere.

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Load Delivered adds mobile freight access

Chicago’s Load Delivered Logistics, a third-party logistics firm, has launched a new mobile phone app, Load Finder, for users of Apple’s phones and tablets. The app will connect customers with Load Delivered’s compliant carrier partners, letting them view and bid on available freight. Carriers can search for shipments based on a variety of criteria including current location, date, desired location, equipment type, or radius.

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