CVS Preferred Carrier

LoadDelivered is a CVS Preferred Carrier, which means we are one of CVS' top performing and most trusted carrier partners. We can help you leverage our Preferred Carrier status to achieve significant cost savings, improved service, and supply chain efficiencies. We earned this important designation by meeting and exceeding the high service expectations below:



The Capstone Advantage: Save Money, Improve Service, & Become a Shipper of Choice

As a Capstone company and fully-integrated supply chain partner, we have a strong presence in several CVS distribution centers. This means we provide a unique value-add that others simply cannot. For example, we are a cost-effective, single-source carrier for prepaid CVS suppliers into certain DCs, and we have the potential to help our customers become shippers of choice by driving efficiencies on the unloading side.


Below is an example of what that value could look like for you:



Consider LoadDelivered for Your Next RFP

As your next RFP approaches, how closely are you examining the impact of late deliveries and subsequent costs when allocating business to primary carriers?  Fill out the form below to learn how to leverage our CVS Preferred Carrier status to start saving. 

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