Case Study: Selling Carriers' Preferred Lanes

How LoadDelivered Acted as One Carrier’s Sales Force by Selling Their Preferred Lanes to Top Shippers

The freight market along the I-5 corridor (the main interstate highway that runs along the Pacific Coast of the U.S.) can be extremely volatile. Trucking companies face both drastic spikes and major slumps when it comes to volumes throughout the year, making it difficult to hold consistent and reliable revenue sources.

Often, a trucking company will face a situation in which they’ve hired more drivers to meet increased demand, only to fall victim to volatility and suddenly weakened demand. When that happens, they’re forced to lower their rates, lay off drivers, and sell equipment to avoid losses.

The Carrier, a California-based company, repeatedly experienced this scenario—specifically with freight in and out of Washington. While they enjoyed high demand for both inbound and outbound capacity in the summer and early fall, other seasons brought unpredictable amounts of business. Trucks traveling to Washington were often left high and dry due to a lack of outbound opportunities in the area. Because the Carrier had no internal sales team in place or strong shipper relationships, this problem was compounded even further. Their shorthanded sales experience, along with an absence of some key value-added services like GPS tracking, made it difficult to earn business from big shippers that could provide consistent freight out of the area.

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