Case Studies

Read real-world examples of how we solve our customers' most pressing supply chain challenges every day.



Pharmaceutical Solutions

Find out how LoadDelivered helped a Fortune 100 retail pharmacy and health care company ship high-value, high-risk products.


Reducing Wait Times & Managing Rejections for a National Produce Customer

As their Managed Transportation Partner, LoadDelivered worked with a produce shipper to reduce wait times and manage rejections at the receiver. The reduction in wait times and rejections resulted in better relationships between carrier, shipper, and receiver.


How One Dairy Manufacturer Streamlined Transportation at Their New Production Facility

Find out how LoadDelivered helped with manufacturing footprint optimization.


Dedicated Logistics Solutions

Find out how LoadDelivered helped a middle-market frozen foods manufacturer secure year-round, reliable coverage, stable pricing, and a high level of service when they needed It most.


Just-in-Time Shipping Solutions

Find out how LoadDelivered helped a multi-billion-dollar food & beverage company to avoid plant shutdowns while maintaining price stability and reliable coverage.


Real-Time Visibility for a Middle-Market Manufacturer

LoadDelivered deployed an EDI-competitive solution that provided real-time visibility into the Manufacturer’s shipments at no additional cost – and in only a few days.


Executing Retail Deliveries

Find out how LoadDelivered maintains 100% on-time delivery into the largest big-box retailers.


Shipping Solutions for a Seafood Giant

Mazzetta Company needed to ensure that high-value shipments of frozen seafood were delivered to their customers at very specific times. From strict temperature control to expedited shipments, find out how LoadDelivered tackled their shipping obstacles.