When Winter Wreaks Havoc on Your Supply Chain

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Winter Storm Juno pummeled the Northeast this week, dumping more than two feet of snow in some areas and grinding transportation operations to a halt. Consumers flocked to grocery stores ahead of the storm to prepare, in many cases clearing shelves and depleting food supplies. With road closures and power outages galore, many shippers, truckers, and retailers are scrambling to make up for delays and replenish shelves. In a situation like this, it’s imperative to move quickly to strengthen a disrupted supply chain. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing even more disruption, equipment shortages, and higher costs.

One thing that can help mitigate winter storm challenges is choosing trusted transportation providers that deliver high levels of customer service to ensure your products arrive safely and on time. It’s important to look for carriers and 3PLs that can scale to accommodate extra freight volume and help you look for creative solutions when capacity becomes tight. Finding consolidation opportunities, taking advantage of intermodal options, and temporarily relying more heavily on suppliers that weren’t affected by storms are additional ways you can keep products moving (Logistics Viewpoints).

With several weeks of winter still ahead of us this year, supply chain professionals should make sure they are proactively preparing for the next hit. Below are a few tips.

  • Monitor weather reports and road conditions closely so that you can alert the rest of your supply chain about potential problems.
  • Make sure your budget allows for unexpected transportation changes and extended disruptions.
  • Provide as much lead time on loads as possible, especially during winter, so that you have time to explore all potential route and mode options.
  • Work with your logistics provider, carriers, and retailers to identify areas for improvement when it comes to flexibility, efficiency, and productivity.
How has Winter Storm Juno affected your supply chain network? Contact us to find out how our team of managed transportation experts can help plow through your challenges.
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