Selecting the Proper Drayage Provider

Jon Ackerman

Drayage, the movement of cargo over short distances, is a central component of intermodal freight transport that requires proper planning. There are various considerations to take into account when selecting a drayage provider, and the lowest-priced provider may not be the most economical.  Inexperienced drayage providers are often more costly in the long run as they may not be as efficient or as timely as providers with years of training.The following best practices will help ensure you select the proper drayage provider that meets all of your transportation needs.

Best Practices

  • Driver Reliability: Make sure the provider is reputable and professional. Check that their on-time delivery history meets your expectations and that they have the capacity to cover your loads. Gauge their responsiveness and ensure they are reliable. You need a proactive partner that will respond to your requests or calls quickly and efficiently. Additionally, ensure that the drayage provider is rated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations and possesses a clean driving history (Inbound Logistics).
  • Risk Reduction: It is critical that shippers screen drayage vendors to avoid putting their company and shipments at risk. There have been instances when customers have partnered with lesser-known vendors and their cargo has become lost, stolen or damaged during transit. It is also important to confirm that your drayage partner is adequately insured. If your partner is under insured and an accident occurs, the damage could be quite costly (JOC). If you’re searching for additional assurance, partner with a provider that carries overarching liability insurance for complete coverage.
  • Data Accessibility: Your provider should have access to the latest technology and provide shipment visibility at all times. For instance, can your provider track and trace your load and alert you of arrival times in a timely manner to avoid storage fees? Furthermore, your partner should be able to provide proof of delivery, receipts and appointment times. The proper drayage provider will possess these capabilities and provide transparency by delivering accurate updates in real-time.
Ultimately, it is imperative that you work with a reputable drayage provider that can meet the needs of your supply chain. For more information about working with Load Delivered for your drayage needs or developing a custom supply chain solution, visit us here.
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