Connecting Chicago's Transportation Professionals

Elizabeth Gonzalez

At Load Delivered, we are encouraged to continue learning about the ever-changing transportation and logistics sector through local events and organizations.  As the new Vice President of Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT), I’m excited to tell you about this great organization that connects like-minded, transportation professionals.

Young Professionals in Transportation is an organization dedicated to providing professionals in the transportation field with networking, mentorship and professional development opportunities. Despite our name, there is no age limit. Doors are open to all parties interested in learning and advancing their professional careers. Through seminars, technical tours, and networking events, YPT exposes members to company operations and careers in the transportation sector. Additionally, YPT provides members with a forum to share ideas with colleagues and prominent leaders in the field.

I cannot begin to describe how much valuable information I have learned through YPT and how much it has helped me develop professionally. As former Vice Chair of Finance, I was able to refine my CPA skills by handling all money matters such as budgeting, putting together and reporting financials, and keeping track of membership.

In addition, I have learned about a completely different side of transportation. From my work at Load Delivered, I have valuable knowledge of the logistics and supply chain management side of things. However, by attending and participating in YPT events, I have been exposed to the broader picture of the public sector of transportation and how our city runs.

Thanks to YPT, I have learned how Metra, O’Hare airport, CTA, and RTA function through behind-the-scenes tours of their facilities. Through these YPT networking events, I have had the great honor of meeting and maintaining relationships with professionals from these companies, and they have become my mentors.

Most importantly, I have been able to share my knowledge with others by holding lectures and presenting papers I have written. I have been able to help others learn about my side of the industry – logistics.

My year as the Vice Chair of Finance has been great because of all of these unforgettable experiences and learning opportunities. I was recently elected the Vice President, and I am very excited to have a greater, more direct impact on how YPT is run as an organization. I have many plans on my agenda for the upcoming year. My primary goals are to expand the number of events related to logistics and supply chain management and increase the membership in our organization. I look forward to what’s in store and invite all of you to look into this incredible organization.

For more information about YPT or to learn how you can get involved, visit:

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