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California - Land of Last Mile Opportunity

In the context of domestic transportation, California’s impact on the industry as a whole is undeniable. There are several focal points to the state’s role as a major artery to the US economy.

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In Store vs. Online: How Shopping Patterns are Changing the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Insights' Lora Cecere, one of our guest bloggers, recently released a study called "The Role of the Store". She surveyed supply chain executives from grocery retailers, mass merchandisers, and specialty retailers to see where the trends are regarding brick-and-mortar stores versus e-commerce. A shift in trends toward or away from either method of sales could mean big changes for the supply chain.

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The Extinction of Long-Haul Trucking: Shippers React

One of the biggest obstacles facing shippers today is the volatile operating costs associated with the movement of goods. Regardless of vertical, commodity or geographical location, shippers have been charged with optimizing their supply chain to mitigate these rising costs.

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Retailers & Manufacturers Join the Shop Local Movement

Over the past few years, the "Buy Local" movement has risen to mainstream popularity. Proponents believe that the movement “build[s] a healthy feedback loop wherein the community buys from local merchants who then reinvest in the community via job creation, supply procurement, etc.

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