Thanksgiving Supply Chain by the Numbers [Infographic]

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With Thanksgiving only a few days away, consumers all over the U.S. are flocking to grocery stores and filling their carts with turkeys, potatoes, green beans, and other holiday favorites. Food and beverage supply chain professionals have been working tirelessly to ensure retailers have what they need to give consumers a positive shopping experience this holiday season.

A Look at the Turkey Supply Chain

Take turkeys for example, the cornerstone of most Thanksgiving dinners. From egg to plate, these birds go through an incredible journey before they end up in supermarkets. It starts with turkey farmers, who raise the birds from the time they hatch into adulthood. From the farm, they are often transferred to a food manufacturing facility where they are slaughtered, plucked, and thoroughly cleaned. Next comes packaging and labeling—done either at the manufacturing facility or with a value-added co-packer. From there, the turkeys are shipped to a distribution facility, a third-party cold storage facility, or directly to a grocery retailer. Needless to say, this process requires a lot of coordination and an efficient material flow network to keep costs down and make sure turkeys arrive in stores on time. If things don’t go as planned, shippers face monetary losses and potentially tarnished relationships with their customers. Partnering with the right transportation providers can help mitigate these risks and keep retailers, and their customers, happy.

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Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Just how big of an operation is Thanksgiving in the food chain? In the below infographic, we’ve broken down the numbers.

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Preparing for the Winter Holiday Surge

With the winter holidays—and harsh winter weather—right around the corner, shipping volumes will remain high while capacity tightens. Timely deliveries and rock-solid logistical execution are of utmost importance. Don’t fall victim to service failures, givebacks, and heightened rates from sub-par transportation providers. Contact us to find out how our team of logistics experts can assist you with your supply chain challenges this holiday season.  

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Happy Thanksgiving! 


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