6 Must-Read Blog Posts about Trucking, Logistics, and the Food Supply Chain

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We’re almost halfway through 2018 and as predicted, tightened capacity and regulatory pressures have contributed to some drastic shifts in the logistics industry. From ELD impacts to the driver shortage to food safety, here are six must-read articles to help you navigate today’s logistical landscape.

ELDs Increase Demand for Team Drivers: 4 Ways to Mitigate Risk & Expense
With the ELD Mandate is in place, and Hours of Service now being strictly enforced, tweener shipments that used to deliver within 24 hours are no longer possible. As a result, shippers are left scrambling to secure team drivers to avoid disruptions or delays.

Women in Trucking: A Change for the Better
The “Driver Shortage” has been a hot topic in trucking publications and at industry conferences for years. However, one question that is not asked enough is, “How do we recruit more female drivers to solve the capacity problem?”

What Carriers Want: 5 Characteristics of a “Broker of Choice”
Smart shippers value relationships and will make bold moves to attract and retain quality carriers. But what about 3PLs and brokers? Brokers must be equally concerned about attracting and retaining the best carriers—those that consistently deliver freight on time and intact.

FSMA: Do You Know What You’re Responsible For?
While many companies have been compliant with the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for years, others remain unprepared for the potential consequences of non-compliance. Whether you’re a shipper, broker, carrier, or receiver, we’ve created a guide to the rule and several checklists to help you.

Dwelling on the Dwell Time Problem: Save Money, Save Lives
The ELD Mandate has fueled many discussions as of late, including those about driver dwell time. What may be most surprising about the consequences of the dwell time problem is that it takes a toll in human lives.

How Rising Trucking Expenses are Driving Price Increases for Shippers
The trucking industry is facing a number of challenges in 2018, making it a tough year for moving freight. Rising operational costs are largely to blame. Trucking expenses are expected to rise 8% to 10% this year, and as a result, shippers’ prices are increasing as well.

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