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The Load Delivered model focuses on building and maintaining relationships in order to optimize your fleet usage and profits.  Our “one point of contact” approach allows for you to foster that relationship and get the results that are important to both parties.  We take care of you because we want you to take care of us.

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Web-based available load board and mobile app give you the ability to view and select loads we are currently offering.

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- 24-hour dispatch
- 24-hour fuel advances
- Multilingual dispatch
- 21-day payment processing*

*Your check will be issued within 21 days from receipt of mailed-in invoice/ proper documentation.

Access Load Board anywhere you have internet



Payment Options

As an organization, we take great pride in our ability to pay faster than other 3PLs. Some of our expedited payment options are noted below:


Check will be issued within 15 days or less. Requirements: Invoice & supporting documentation must be submitted through TRANSFLO or emailed to

TRANSFLO $Velocity

Carriers have the ability to scan paperwork directly into our system at virtually any truck stop or from any scanner. It’s a free service that allows our carriers to provide all necessary paperwork to be cleared for payment in a matter of minutes. Click to download or tov see the demo video. Use the Broker ID of LDLCV.

Other benefits of the program:

Total control of your documents because you no longer hand your documents off to someone hoping they do not get lost.
Keep your original paperwork until payment has been received.
Ability to confirm that your invoices arrived for processing. You get a confirmation number immediately after sending so you know your documents have been sent.
Eliminates the need to make copies before sending your documents.

We have implemented TRANSFLO Mobile to send documents with ease and certainty. With this app, carriers are able to upload images of paperwork and trip information to us in a matter of minutes. Click here for more information on downloading the app. Use the Broker ID of LDLCV.

Quick Pay COM-Check

Funds will be issued same day we receive paperwork. Requirements: BOL/Receipts for accessorials must be faxed to 312.649.6657.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH)

Enroll using the form at the upper right of this page, and please direct any questions to

For payment inquiries, login here or e-mail us.

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Load Delivered is committed to making our partnerships as streamlined as possible. That’s why we provide our carrier network with the ability to view and bid on available loads, make check calls, and send automated tracking updates via their mobile device. Using GPS-enabled mobile tracking technology, we eliminate the number of calls drivers make and allow our partners to focus on growing their business.

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